FoodALYT – Distillation with service

FoodALYT D steam distillation units are genuine "all-rounders". These devices are able to determine proteins, nitrogen compounds (e.g. nitrate, nitrite, ammonium), volatile acids, ethanol, formaldehyde etc. in various types of sample. The FoodALYT D series includes models with various enhanced functions.

The FoodALYT D 5000 is available with an external titration unit and printer, as well as analysis software. The software automatically detects hardware, user and analysis data via tablet, laptop or PC. In addition to individual sample designation, acquisition data and user data, the unit also records the pH value and chemical consumption during titration. This information is then linked to the sample weight, blank values, titre and protein factor. Users are therefore able to convert the results to suit the target substances (e.g. nitrogen, protein, nitrate, ammonia) in a range of different units (percent, weight, concentration). Data output is in the universally importable CSV format.

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